Ensuring demonstrable competence is at its core, the membership criterion for NESST will involve a combined process of assessment and interview which will be tailored to each grade of membership.  

To be accepted as a contracting member an initial desktop assessment of management systems and associated supporting evidence, on successful completion of this initial stage there will be a physical audit of a project which will provide the auditor with an overview to the management of occupational health and safety along with an opportunity to review the management of high risk activities such as demolition, groundwork, installation/management of temporary works, asbestos removal etc.  

The pre-qualification process for consultants and specialist suppliers will follow a similar process with the exception of the on-site audit phase, although supporting evidence such as design drawings, client feedback, type approvals etc. will be required.  

Continued NESST membership will require all participants to undertake an annual review assessment with contracting members required to undertake a full assessment every 3 years of continual membership.