Specialist Supplier

As a specialist supplier you will be differentiated as;

- Specialist Plant Stockist

- Specialist Materials Stockist

If your companies services are required you will be instructed through NESST by the Borough or Area Building Control officer or Representative. The rates you will apply to any services, plant, materials or haulage will be at the rates agreed when NESST membership was last annually renewed.

Whenever your services are called upon, they are provided at costs previously agreed, in urgent circumstances, and feedback will be sought from the engaging Commander or USAR Advisor for both improvement and suitability purposes. This will be shared with you at the appropriate time. Whenever your wider company services are called upon these will be provided as instructed works and the insurance requirements laid out in the NESST Terms and Conditions will apply.  

Specialist Suppliers can be have their membership revoked if services requested are not forthcoming or provided poorly, given fair review. Notice of membership removal will be 2 months and only subject to challenge if the board of NESST agree further information and understanding is appropriate.

Specific training will be provided to all specialist suppliers on an annual basis by NESST and is prerequisite to maintaining membership. An annual subscription is charged to enable this training and provide support to NESST members.