Consultant Membership

As a specialist consultant you will be differentiated as;

- STRUCTURAL engineer

- TEMPORARY works engineer

- DEMOLITION engineer

- hazardous materials expert

Your services are sought to provide incident Commanders or USAR Advisors with expert advice at any point during the most critical stages of any major incident or where persons are known to be trapped or are suspected to be trapped.  

Your advice is not expected to be warrantied or supported by Professional Indemnity Insurance but offered to the best of your ability and is experience based. Your advice is sought to provide additional consideration for the Commander or USAR Advisor to take stock of while planning any interventions. Your services in most instances will be provided over secure Comms which you will be provided once your application for membership is approved. If you are ever requested to make your way to an incident to provide advice at the scene it will be in exceptional circumstances.

Whenever your services are called upon, they are provided for free and feedback will be sought from the engaging Commander or USAR Advisor for both improvement and suitability purposes. This will be shared with you at the appropriate time.

Consultants can have their membership revoked if services requested are not forthcoming or provided poorly given fair review. Notice of membership removal will be 2 months and only subject to challenge if the board of NESST agree further information and understanding is appropriate.

Specific training will be provided to all consultants on an annual basis by NESST and is prerequisite to maintaining membership. An annual subscription is charged to enable this training and provide support to NESST members.

The assistance provided by Consultants at any critical time could help to save lives or vital infrastructure. Being a member of NESST extends our Emergency Services to include you. Thank you.