Local Authority Building Control (LABC)

NESST was created to provide direct specialist support to the Emergency Services, in particular the Fire Services and USAR.

From the very moment blue lights arrive at an incident there may be a requirement for external specialist support or advice to assist a response enabling the optimum outcome.

NESST is a pro-bono service which has a membership of qualified specialists prepared to make themselves available 24/7 to be drawn on should their expertise be of value. Their remit is to provide advice to any Incident Commander or USAR Advisor via secure comms or if necessary or if beneficial by attending the incident in person.
The advice offered is intended to assist the outcome of the incident and assist with the recovery of persons trapped or suspected trapped. 

All advice is provided in the context of additional expertise to that already provided within the Emergency Services; observationally for consideration by the Incident Commander or USAR Advisor. It is not provided as the recommendations of an expert in isolation. 
NESST is about bringing more expertise into the Command Unit to help save lives or limit damage to infrastructure wherever possible. 
Once the District Surveyor has arrived at an incident the NESST provision would technically fall away. However, should the District Surveyor need to discuss any further requirements, this would of course be agreeable.