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NESST (National Emergency Services Support Taskforce) formally provide Emergency advice and guidance to Fire Services and USAR in England and Wales during any major incident 24/7 – 365 days of the year. 

NESST members represent a very select field of specialists engineers, experts, contractors and suppliers across the United Kingdom.

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The emergency services and in particular Fire Services and USAR predominantly operate within a self-sufficient capacity.  Incidents are usually concluded with structures handed back to the Local Authority Building Control representative, local District Surveyor, Stakeholder or Dutyholder following a fire, collapse or any instance where persons were or could have been trapped.

However, there are instances during a major, or significant incident when the Emergency Services may require the assistance or advice of a structural specialist. This is a decision made by either the Incident Commander or USAR Advisor (UA) via the London Fire Brigades London Operation Centre (LOC), National Resilience Assurance Team (NRAT) or National Fire Resilience Control (NFRC). 

In these situations, that assistance is often gaining structural advice or reassurance from a Structural Engineer or Demolition Engineer. This could be via secure comms or by attendance at the incident. It could require intervention which would be supported by the local Authority or Borough and it could require specialist equipment which could include specialist plant, props, pumps and materials.

Membership of NESST follows a thorough qualification assessment to ensure its members meet the specific specialist skillsets required to attend incidents at the most critical stage and ensure membership is nationally spread to meet the regional requirements of England and Wales.

Members of NESST provide their advice and support in the critical stages of an emergency response on a pro-bono basis. Providing expert advice to save lives and protect infrastructure is a moment of pride NESST members give willingly to support a provision we all take for granted. 

NESST has been created to ensure the expertise that could make a real difference is on hand 24/7. Together our Emergency Services are even stronger.

If you are an expert, structural engineer, demolition engineer, contractor, or specialist supplier, contact NESST and find out how you can become a member and what that will entail.

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NESST information regarding Local authority building control and fire Services

Dangerous Structure - Emergency Response

The book is a detailed guide to what legally constitutes a Dangerous Structure and how to safely remediate it. It provides several examples of incidents and what actions were taken. It explains a procedural approach to any scale of dangerous structure and explains how contractor and local authority and emergency services engage. It also explain the back story to my attending Grenfell Tower in the immediate aftermath of that terrible tragedy and how we made that building stable.

All proceeds from the book go to Grenfell charities and good causes and the Construction Charity Mates-In-Mind.